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Addiction to Technology

Technology from the perspective of health and wellness is a subject worth engaging.  As we walk through town, look around before a meeting starts, sitting around a park, on a walk through the neighborhood there is the common sight of someone face down looking at their mobile device, swiping their tablet, scrolling and typing on their laptop.  Whizzing through websites, searching for a restaurant, looking at a tweet, or sending out an instagram.  Yes we are addicted.

The last thought might not be so, because it is seen as tool to leverage time by communicating to the masses with a few clicks.  Utility or addiction, the good news is this addiction can be used to benefit our health and wellness.  We can research healthier recipes, find more effective ways to work out, get in step with people that share our outdoor or workout routine passions.  We can also track each other via location programs and compare how fast or if we completed a running, swimming, or cycling course.

The other side of this is what we must control, long periods of sitting, bending our necks and backs to immerse ourselves into the current thread of a conversation.  Our minds enjoy and get addicted to that pleasure of connectivity with virtual and real persons via the net.  We just can not draw a line at times on needed electronic communication and personal pursuits.  Technology is probably is more powerfully addictive than that chocolate bar, glass of bourbon, or person.

As your guide to synthesizing the critical elements of life, I can offer a solution to integrate technology as a positive factor of your life by mixing it up with health and wellness activities.  That mobile device can download an app to track your daily walk, bike ride, or run.  Wearables could track your target heart rate during your planned work out at the gym, home, or lunch break jog.  After lunch you can log your nutritional intake and view where you are in the caloric input and output balance.  Inspirational or positive quotes are always a useful search just before the opening of a meeting. 

Technology addiction can turn to utility, guided utility of technology can positively impact the outcome of your health.

Syril Galindo

Its Fitness, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

31 March, 2016



Posted in Fitness on March 31st, 2016


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