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Immediate Fitness Goals

Time efficiency is based on what is your focus.  Starting a program that is effective and designed for your life’s needs and desires will save you more time and effort than learning by trial and error.  The best way to achieve a goal is to follow a path that has been used and established through experience and researched case studies. 

Who are the people that can help you achieve this established path?  Your doctor can provide key body metrics such as blood cholesterol and sugar levels.  She knows your injury history and your overall health picture.  If you have a current injury/ies a rehabilitation professional can help with preventing and setting guidelines to prevent further injury.  A personal trainer working with these health professionals will orchestrate a safe and sensible exercise program. 

What I have mentioned is very basic yet is the most efficient way to optimize your time and make your fitness goals a reality.  Have you ever taken the wrong road and had to double back and saw that it caused you twice the time to complete the journey?  We all have a separate fitness journey, this journey can be made without unnecessary twists and turns just buy seeking the guidance I expressed.  Your immediate goal for fitness is to start on the right path with proper guidance from professionals that are trained and willing to help.

Syril Galindo 

Its Fitness, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

1 April, 2016 



Posted in Fitness on April 1st, 2016


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