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Catch 22

Growing up in Northern Alberta with only one channel on the TV, no such thing as video games and not much for entertainment, reading was a wonderul source of pleasure. I was very fortunate because both of my parents were avid readers so they created a cozy little library in our home. Wall to wall bookshelves filled with interesting books, with two comfortable chairs and cozy afgan covers to wrap up in. On cold and snowing winter days my brother and me would each select a book, cuddle up in our chairs and read the day away. Through the books, I traveled all over the world, adventured forward and backward in time, and met the most interesting people in history! Since then I have litterally read thousands and thousands of books. For the most part I read them and then they just disappear from my mind, however every once in a while I would read something which would have a significant impact on my thinking. 

After much discussion, my partners and I have decided to share these books with you. Whether you read them or not is totally up to you but perhaps you will find something of interested that will help expand your horizons as it did mine. Catch 22 is one such book for me. When I read it I did not realize how often I would refer to this book through out my life, but as anyone who knows me can attest one of my favorite sayings is "Well isn't that just a catch 22". Call it what you like, damed if you do or damed if you don't, six of one half dozen of the other or catch 22, this is a reoccuring theme in my life and from what I have observed, a common theme in everyones life. I have not read Catch 22 in years now, I have read it several times throught my life, but I guess it is almost time for me to read it again. If you have read it or will read it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Much love and appreciation - Hazel-Jane




Posted in Book Recommendations on April 3rd, 2016


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