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Technology - The benefits of Training Online

If you are like me you have a love, hate relationship with technology. Some days I feel like a

slave to my devices. When my back starts to ache because I have spent too many hours working

on my computer, or when I realize that I have become like Pavlov’s Dog, every time I hear my

cell phone “Ping” with the sound of a new notification, and I just cannot resist having a look. The

sick feeling that comes over me when I realize my precious cell phone has been lost or my

computer has had a melt down. After a few days without my “PRECIOUSES” I realize, absence

does make the heart grow fonder.


Every aspect of my life is connected to my telephone, computer, tablet and all the other funky

little gadgets those brilliant techies have created. I work, shop, read, research, watch movies,

listen to music and now I even workout on line.


I know what you are probbably thinking, but...


NO, this does not mean I sit in front of my computer, with beer and chips in hand, and watch

everyone workout while I cheer them on. I’m still required to move, lift, bend, stretch and

sweat but the difference is I do it when the time suits my lifestyle. No longer do I have to pick a

time which coordinates with my trainer’s schedule, she sends them to me electronically and I fit

my exercise into my busy day. I can work out anywhere I want - at home, in the gym, at a park,

on vacation and the real beauty is my trainer is always with me, designing my workouts to my

specifications. Some days I workout alone but on other days I do it with my dog, my girl friends,

my neighbor or some interesting person I’ve met. It is always my choice!

All of my results are electronically calculated, how many calories I can eat in a day whether I do

or do not move, how many calories I burned through my exercise, what is my BMI, etc. All of the

important information is automatically calculated for me and because all of my devices can be

connected: telephone, computer, tablet, fitness tracker. I have instant accessfrom anywhere in

the world, to all of my important fitness information.


What had once been a major commitment of time in my life has now become so much easier

for me to accomplish. Health and Wellness have always been a major driving force in my life

and now that I am reaching the “Senior Citizen” portion of it I am really glad that it is.

I am 60, and look 40 (as that is important as well) but I feel 20! When people ask what my secret is, I

tell them there is no secret just……….Exercise and Good Nutrition!


Much love and Appreciation!





Posted in Exercises on April 27th, 2016


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